Sunday, June 22, 2008

Where the Hell is Matt?

Here's what, by all accounts, should be a silly little video of a guy named Matt Harding dancing a little jig in front of landmarks around the world. Since I live in a cultural cave, I'd never heard of him, but apparently his videos have been viewed about 10 million times on YouTube. His latest video, below, has over a million views!

It's a silly concept for a video, but I found it strangely captivating; heart-warming, even. The exuberance and the joining in of all those strangers, from all those different cultures, in his little jig, is curiously uplifting. Enjoy!

Hat tip to The Anchoress (who also apparently had never heard of him, so there):

Note: A high-quality version of the video is viewable directly on YouTube here, and is worth watching. Click on the "watch in high-quality" link below the number of views counter.

Here's his first video (over 9.7 million views):

High-quality option is available for this video as well, here (see above for how to toggle high-quality mode).

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