Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bear Attack

From Oregon. Gentleman out picking morel mushrooms (yum!) gets attacked by 400 pound black bear. Fortunately, he has an anti-bear attack tool:
When the bear just up the hill roared, Joshua McKim's first thought was that he had never heard a bear make a sound like that.

His second thought, almost instantaneous with the first, was that he was awfully glad he had brought his pistol on this mushroom-picking trip.

When he first glimpsed the bear through the thick brush, McKim had cocked the hammer on the .45 caliber semi-automatic Taurus, a copy of the famous 1911-model Colt.
Read the whole story here. Note that Mr. McKim was the only one of his party armed. He also doesn't appear to have had a spare magazine (or two, or three), and exhausted his entire eight round supply of ammo stopping the bear's advance.

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Peripatetic Engineer said...

Most Alaskan guides would not consider a .45 an adequate hand gun for bear protection. He was lucky.