Saturday, June 28, 2008

Heller Roundup, Part 2

Here's a roundup of the latest Heller (D.C. gun ban / Second Amendment case) commentary:

Over at SCOTUSblog, Dave Kopel writes on the possible effect of Heller on the D.C. ban on semi-auto rifles and handguns (D.C. classifies them as "machine guns"!) here.

Another SCOTUSblog article by Dan Schmutter, who filed an amicus brief in the Heller case on behalf of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, here.

Reason Magazine's blog has commentary by a bunch of folks, including Alan Gura (lead attorney for Mr. Heller), law professors Randy Barnett (Georgetown), Glenn Harlan Reynolds (U. of Tenn.), Sanford Levinson (U. of Texas), scholars Dave Kopel (Independence Institute), Joyce Lee Malcolm (Georgetown), and others here.

Over at Human Events, Dave Kopel has another article here.

The Wall Street Journal has an editorial on Heller here.

Another WSJ op-ed piece by Prof. Randy Barnett here.

The New York Times' Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse files her report here.

Another New York Times article focuses on the coming lawsuits against cities and towns that ban handguns here.

The Washington Post reports on D.C. residents reaction to the Supreme Court's ruling here.

And finally, over at Volokh Conspiracy, Prof. Dale Carpenter discusses the incorporation issue here.

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