Friday, June 27, 2008

Toronto Boots Gun Clubs from City Property

From our Northern neighbor and their anti-gun politicians, comes this news:
Two gun clubs on city property - including one in the rafters of Union Station - will get the boot under Mayor David Miller's new rules aimed at curbing the number of handguns in the city, approved yesterday by city council.

After a near daylong debate, council voted 31-9 for a policy that prevents new gun clubs and manufacturers from setting up in the city.

The two affected gun clubs - the Scarborough Rifle Club at the Don Montgomery Community Recreation Centre, and the CNRA Gun Club at Union Station - will be given the opportunity to relocate elsewhere on private property.
Mr. Miller, who has initiated a national campaign to persuade the federal government to completely ban handguns, said yesterday's decision was common sense, especially given the obvious security concerns at Union Station.

"You couldn't pick a worse place to have people wandering around with guns," Mr. Miller told reporters after the vote. "It's completely unacceptable from a public safety perspective."

He predicted that other gun clubs on private property in the city would eventually "wither away" as they close and new ones cannot be opened.
So Mayor Miller is anti-gun, and wants to ban all handguns. From his bio on the mayor's official website, we learn that he emigrated in 1967 from England. Maybe he's just homesick for his native England's anti-gun policies?

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