Friday, June 27, 2008

West Virginia Increases Reciprocity for Permit Holders

Over the past year, the West Virginia Attorney General's office has negotiated reciprocity agreements with a number of other states, increasing the number from two, to 14. The total number of states that now recognize a WV permit is up to 20. From the Charleston Gazette:
West Virginians with concealed weapons permits can now legally carry a hidden handgun in about 20 states.

Last year, the Legislature gave the state attorney general's office the task of working out concealed weapons agreements with other states. Prior to the legislative action, only two other states - Virginia and Kentucky - recognized concealed weapons permits from West Virginia.

"My directive is to reach agreements with as many states as possible," said Tom Smith, managing deputy attorney general in charge of the push.

Smith said West Virginia has now made reciprocity agreements for concealed weapons with 14 states, meaning West Virginians with valid permits can carry hidden guns in those states and residents of those states with concealed weapons permits can legally carry a hidden handgun in West Virginia. Six other states recognize or appear to recognize West Virginia concealed weapons permits.
The West Virginia attorney general's website has information on the states that honor a West Virginia carry permit (search for "reciprocity"). The WV AG's website is

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