Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Totalitarian Group Hug at the U.N.

So, from Saturday's WSJ we learn that the morally bankrupt (but otherwise flush with your tax dollars) United Nations elects another set of winners to lead that august body:

The General Assembly of the United Nations voted this week to elect Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann as its new president. Readers with a long memory will recall Father D'Escoto (he's a Catholic priest) as Nicaragua's foreign minister during the Sandinista regime of the 1980s. He's also the winner of the 1985 Lenin Prize. Only at the U.N. does that count as a recommendation.

The U.N. also voted to name the government of Burma – which otherwise has been busy preventing humanitarian assistance from reaching hundreds of thousands of its own needy victims of last month's devastating cyclone – as one of the Assembly's vice presidents. Only at the U.N. is this not considered an embarrassment.

I guess if Libya can chair the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, leading the charge with their buddies from those other beacons of respect for human rights, the Sudan and Zimbabwe, then surely in such a world the benevolent brigadiers of Burma can help lead the General Assembly. Heck, the human rights commission outdid itself a couple of years ago when it elected another whole passel of human rights stalwarts, including Fidel's own Cuba, so I'm guessing the General Assembly was just feeling a little, uh, "left out" (get it? :)) of the insanity, and wanted to show the h.r. commission that it too could make a mockery of itself for all to see.

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