Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So long, pseudo-seal, we hardly knew you ...

Remember that faux Presidential Seal that His Royal Highness, er, Senator Obama trotted out last week? Looks like it's got some tire marks from being thrown under, and run over by, the good Senator's bus:
WASHINGTON -- The Obama campaign didn't see it coming-catching flak for creating a mock presidential, seal with the Obama "Yes we can" slogan in Latin last Friday. The campaign unveiled it at a meeting Obama had with Democratic governors in Chicago. On Monday, the Obama campaign announced that the seal was for one-time viewing only and was retired from duty. I know the use of the seal touched a political nerve and sparked a lively debate on my blog and over at other sites over whether it was proper, legal, arrogant, an example of Obama hubris, or presidential, whimsical and appropriate.
Oops. I guess last week's seal wasn't the seal Obama knew. Change we can believe in. Yes we can.

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