Sunday, June 22, 2008

Churches and Gun Control

Here's an article (video of news segment also available at the link) on some Presbyterian churches' support for gun control:
Pastor Perry McCallen, of the Second Presbyterian Church of Chattanooga, says the Presbyterian Church USA supports gun control, "Guns have been used to harm people. The idea of more gun control legislation might produce less guns in the hands of people that could do harm."

PCUSA's stance on gun control calls for "removing handguns and assault weapons from our homes and our communities."

McCallen says the denomination joined the many churches taking a stance on gun control out of a desire for safety.
From the Presbyterian Church USA's website, we learn of that denomination's apparently long-standing support for gun-control schemes:
The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has a thirty year history of support for gun control legislation. Beginning in the late 1960's, in response to the assassinations of public leaders, the General Assembly called for ". . . control [of] the sale and possession of fire arms of all kinds." In 1976, this statement was re-affirmed, but also specifically worded to ". . .not cover shotguns and rifles used legitimately by sportsmen. . .". In 1988, these and other statements supporting gun control were again reaffirmed. [footnotes omitted]
and a 1990 statement by that church's General Assembly
Support[ing] gun control at federal, state, and local levels as the most effective response to the present crisis of gun violence. . .

Call[ing] upon the United States government to establish meaningful and effective federal legislation to regulate the importation, manufacture, sale, and possession of guns and ammunition by the general public. Such legislation should include provisions for the registration and licensing of gun purchasers and owners, appropriate background investigations and waiting periods prior to gun purchase, and regulation of subsequent sale. ...
followed by their 1998 statement to
intentionally work toward removing handguns and assault weapons from our homes and our communities; ...
Apparently missing from the Presbyterian Church's stance on gun control is any concept of self-defense and defense of innocent life as a moral imperative, or even a moral good. So much of the PC's position is, well, PC -- politically correct nonsense that blurs the distinctions between good and evil ("all guns are bad", there are no bad people, only bad objects, etc., etc.) and an implicit equating of violence in defense of innocent life with unlawful criminal violence.

Any Presbyterians want to weigh in on your church's position on this issue?

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