Sunday, June 8, 2008

I think you're going to need a bigger wallet ...

Let's see ...

Exotic African locale? Check.

(Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Photo from GC Webshots)

Dinner reservations at the swanky Victoria Falls Hotel? Check.

Finally being able to stop lugging around that backpack full of currency? Priceless! (Well, almost)

Check, please: Dinner for one in Zimbabwe

Let's see, that's $1.2 billion for dinner, for one, not including tip. We gotta add 20% or so, that's what? Hmmm, that a $250 million tip! So you're looking at a $1.5 billion dollar total tab. Give or take a few tens of million. For dinner. For one. I'm not sure that will look so good on your expense report, comrade. :)

[hat tip: The Big Picture]

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Anonymous said...

I remember when 100 Zim dollars was worth something there. It wasn't too far back, you know.

You've got some interesting things on this blog.