Monday, October 19, 2009

VT and LU students push for campus carry

From Old Dominion:
Lynchburg, VA - Supporters of the Second Amendment gathered Friday afternoon at the Liberty University (web) School of Law for a gun rights symposium.

The discussion of current legal cases turned into a cry for help from students at Virginia Tech. Some Virginia Tech students even skipped class to do it.

Alyson Boyce with VT Students for Concealed Carry President said, "Two and a half years ago, if you would have asked me anything about gun rights, I would not have been able to tell you a thing."

Now, Boyce is the president of the Hokie Chapter of Students for Concealed Carry Rights.

"I lost a very good friend of mine named Mike Pohle on April 16th and after that, it really opened my eyes to the discussion," Boyce said.

VT Students for Concealed Carry Founder Ken Stanton said he wants to be a college professor. He founded the student group after the massacre because he doesn't believe he should have to choose between education or self defense. ...

Article here. Campus carry still faces an uphill fight, but it's good to see these young college students standing up and advocating for their self-defense rights on college campuses, which are generally hostile to both free speech and self-defense rights.

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