Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bloomberg, gun control, and racism

Harward Nemerov on the above:
New evidence indicates that New York City Mayor Bloomberg’s gun control laws may have resulted in an increased level of Black murder victims.

A previous article noted how the Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) is really a gun ban organization.

Another article showed how gun control impacts Blacks more than Whites. In states which deny law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns, Blacks accomplish fewer justifiable homicides, while Whites garner a greater percentage. In Right-to-Carry states, these percentages are reversed, showing that less gun control correlates with a Black citizen’s increased freedom to defend their life, business, and family.

Mayor Bloomberg, head of MAIG, resides in one of the 10 remaining states which generally deny a citizens’ right to carry a concealed handgun for protection. New York City (NYC) has addition laws and restrictions, requiring a lengthy and expensive licensing and registration process in order to own a gun.

As a result, the New York Sun reported that only the rich and influential–e.g. Donald Trump Jr. and Robert DeNiro–obtain carry permits. Further, while 24,031 permits were granted to keep a gun at home in 2000, only 14,985 were granted in 2007, reflecting Bloomberg’s view of civilian firearms ownership. ...

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