Sunday, October 18, 2009

On California's new ammo control bill

A roundup of come commentary on the new California ammo control bill:

Howard Nemerov: California's new ammunition law: Costs and consequences (Page 2 here):
California’s new ammunition registration is not simply one state’s issue. It will have harmful consequences for years to come for all of us:
· Any price increases caused by AB 962 create an effective functional gun ban by pricing ammunition out of the reach of poor and middle class families, who must choose between feeding their children and protecting them from predators.

· Resources used to advance our civil right of self-defense will be drawn off to counter proposals for this new “sensible” gun law in other states.

· Mail order ammunition vendors may be at risk of losing enough sales to force them out of business, or force them to raise prices to remain profitable, negatively impacting all of us.

· Ammunition prices, just starting to level off and drop, may be hit with a new wave of fear-based buying, driving prices to new highs.

· This money, in turn, will not be available as contributions to pro-rights organizations in our continuing fight to restore the Second Amendment.
AB 962 was a major victory for the anti-rights crowd, whose goal is to leave you defenseless against violent predators. Anybody still sitting on the sidelines is effectively sitting on their head. ...

CRPA and NRA look to repeal ammo ban bill: Repeal of AB962 In The Works

At least we know where his loyalties lie: Governor Schwarzenegger Joins Brady Chapter Leaders to Celebrate Signing of Ammo Bill :
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined California Campaign Brady Chapter leaders at a dispatch center of the Los Angeles Police Department this morning to celebrate the passage, and his signing, of AB 962 that will help law enforcement track down and apprehend armed criminals and other prohibited persons.

Officials of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence will now urge leaders in other states to consider adopting California's innovative new law which will help law enforcement determine when dangerous people are in possession of illegal handgun ammunition and illegal guns. This bill was the California Brady Campaign Chapters' top priority in this year's state legislative session. [amphasis added]...

Kurt Hofmann asks: California AB 962: Much more than ammo?
(c) For purposes of this section, “ammunition” shall include, but not be limited to, any bullet, cartridge, magazine, clip, speed loader, autoloader, or projectile capable of being fired from a firearm with deadly consequence. “Ammunition” does not include blanks.. [emphasis in original]

That is taken directly from the text of the legislation--I omitted subsection (b) for the sake of brevity--and seems to indicate that magazines (whether "high capacity," or not), revolver speedloaders, unloaded bullets (not whole cartridges--just the projectiles themselves), etc., will fall under the scope of this insane law.

I don't claim to be proficient enough in legalese to be sure that this law will do what I think it does, but if so, the only possible intent of this is to find a way to end, for all practical purposes, possession and use of firearms, without an outright ban--thus nullifying the "victory" of Heller.

San Gabriel Valley Tribune: It's Politics: Ammo bill killing Republican support for governor

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