Thursday, October 8, 2009

The trauma of Obama

From a psychotherapist in Berkeley, CA, writing in the American Thinker:
A new, conservative friend cracks up when she hears my phone message. As a therapist, I'm required to state, "If this is a psychiatric emergency, please call 911."

Roaring with laughter, she says, "Robin, the whole country is having a psychiatric emergency!"

And she's right, because people running this country are off: off balance, off-world, off-putting, off their meds.

Gallows humor, a knot in your stomach when Obama speaks, poor sleep. Your body is telling you that something is wrong.

Even out here, things are starting to feel spooky. While it's always weird central in Berkeley, now there's a malaise in the air.

Yes, there are plenty of people so far into the communist schtick, they would gladly sacrifice their children, their granny, and their life savings for the Left.

But most liberals still want their houses, jobs, Hondas and iPods. When they voted for Obama, they weren't giving a thumbs up for the country to go the way of Ché.

So there's a strange, foreboding vibe in these parts; that creepy feeling you get when you know there's bad news ahead. ...

Read it here. And The Anchoress asks: Does Obama know who we are?

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