Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ohio bars: another "gun-free" zone failure

From Buckeye Firearms Association, on the failure of "gun free" bars:
Despite these prominently posted "no-guns" signs, which are required by law to be posted in every Class D liquor permit location in the state of Ohio, it's getting increasingly hard to keep track of all the shootings occuring across the Buckeye state in places that serve alcohol.

On October 8, a shootout in a Toledo bar gained nationwide attention, despite there being no injuries, thanks to the graphic action recorded on security cameras. Another Toledo bar shooting, which occured just a few nights later, gained almost no attention despite a bar employee having been injured by a ricochet.

On Tuesday, October 20 and again two nights later, a trio of armed men robbed patrons at two central Ohio bars. After the first robbery, the victimized bar owner posted yet another warning sign at his establishment, giving the distinct impression that he had somehow missed all the video of that Toledo shootout.

According to, on the trio's second heist, one armed robber fired at least one shot inside the bar.

And then there is the most recent, an October 24 shooting at a bar on Columbus' North Side that left eight injured, two of them critically.

Those "no-guns" signs sure are doing the trick, aren't they? ...

Read it here. Let's hope the legislature changes the law to level the playing field by getting rid of these disarmed victim zones, so that law-abiding folks can defend themselves.

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