Friday, October 9, 2009

Open carry progress in Michigan

From Skip Coryell, on open carry in Michigan:
A few days ago I got a call from a Michigan Sheriff who told me: "The Michigan Municipal League is making a presentation on open carry at the Sheriff's convention. I'll let you know what they say." This is the same municipal league who fought hard against the concealed carry law, so naturally I thought the worst. I just assumed they'd found a new strategy for arresting open carriers. (The old strategy wasn't working because sometimes when a misguided LEO arrests someone here a lawsuit against the municipality is filed.)

I called Brian Jeffs, President of Michigan Open Carry, and gave him a heads up thinking that he might want to attend the meeting. He did attend and afterward sent me the following email:

"Boy did you get it wrong. The talk wasn't about how to arrest OCers, just the opposite. It was about how you can't arrest them without facing a law suit." ...

Read the rest here. Good to see we're making progress in the Wolverine State. Meanwhile, in Boise, Idaho:
First, they were turned away from Fuddruckers, then Idaho Pizza Company, farther out. But here at Shari's, just west of the Idaho State Police building in Meridian, John Carter and Mike Ludlow are finally able to sit down to dinner, black Glocks still strapped to their hips.

The evening, up to this point, had certainly taken on a no-room-at-the-inn feel. Their objectives were simple: to sit down in a restaurant with their handguns clearly hanging in hip holsters, and to enjoy dinner with other like-minded and explicitly armed individuals.

Carter and Ludlow are two pro-Second Amendment, gun-carrying activists trying to establish a local gun-rights advocacy group. On this night, however, their interest goes beyond your everyday, "to keep and bear arms" right.

The firearms right that Carter and Ludlow are interested in advocating, exercising and promoting is called "open carry." They're not only advocating carrying a gun for the entire Glock-fearing or, as the case may be, Glock-loving world to see, they also have a strong interest in seeing you openly carrying a firearm, too. ...

Rest of the article here.

Note that the act of peaceful open carry helps gains wider acceptance for same among the general public by acclimatizing the public to peaceable, ordinary citizens exercising their fundamental, Constitutionally-protected rights.

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