Friday, October 30, 2009

Open carry: The gun / motorcycle analogy

From Ride Fast & Shoot Straight, comes this analogy of open carriers today, and bikers back then:
Clayton E. Cramer makes the case (again) against open carry and he does have a few salient points. It makes some people nervous being the most powerful. I'm sure he is correct.

I'm tempted to point out that there was a time when bringing your differently colored friends to a party, restaurant or church made not differently colored people nervous. Even though it was perfectly legal.

Or how in the 1970's blatantly discriminating against motorcyclists was, if not common, at least widespread. I was denied service many times for wearing a vest (without any colors or MC insignia). I was denied entry to facilities because I came by motorcycle. I found motorcycle parking prohibited all over the place. Random, no cause stops by the police we very common. All of which was illegal, but I guess bikers made people nervous. *

What I would like to hear from Mr. Cramer and others who support not openly carrying, is just how do we acclimate people to open carry without actually open carrying? Or is Mr. Cramer advocating we give up on open carry altogether? I can't support that and never will.

Our mission is to get people to understand that "keep and bear arms" means carrying a gun. Concealed, open, in a case or on handlebar mounts. It doesn't matter so much how, just that you do. ...

Read the rest here, including his take on what helped change the image of bikers over time.

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