Friday, October 2, 2009

Little blue painkiller

Tonight's humor:
A man goes to his dentist to have a pailful tooth extracted. The dentist takes out a syringe to give the man a shot of Novacine. "No way! No needles! I hate needles," the patient says.

So the dentist starts to hook up the laughing gas and the man again objects, "I can’t do the gas thing. I'm claustrophobic and the thought of having the gas mask on is suffocating to me!"

The dentist then asks the patient if he has any objection to taking a pill. "Oh, ok," the patient says. "I’m fine with pills."

The dentist open his medication cabinet, takes out a blue tablet from a vial and says, "Here’s a Viagra tablet. Take that and I'll be back in a half an hour."

The patient says, "Wow! I didn’t know Viagra worked as a pain killer!"

"It doesn’t," said the dentist, "but it will give you something to hold on to when your tooth comes out."


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