Sunday, October 25, 2009

$787 Billion In Federal Stimulus Creates/Saves 5.93 Jobs In Rhode Island

From ZeroHedge, comes this not-so-stimulating info: has some useful data to track the efficacy of the administration's stimulus program. Not only can the 5.93 people (not in millions, thousands, hundreds or even tens) in Rhode Island whose jobs the Federal Government managed to "save" send personal thank you letters to American taxpayers, but they can read all about the happy response on Amazon's Kindle, which apparently every single human being in the world is a proud owner of, which seems sufficient to justify the retailer's 60x forward P/E (once the short squeeze is finished after hours, that's roughly where the stock should be trading; in other news at least Americans can finally get edumacated with everyone finally reading just to look cool). ...

(Jobs created or saved by state. Click on table to enlarge)

Read the short article here. So, according to the government, all the billions we've spent have created or "saved" (a BS category at any rate) a grand total of approximately 30,000 jobs. In the entire nation. Yippee!

You'll note that the state with the most jobs created or "saved" with our money was Colorado, with just under 4,700. So I guess those pool boy, stable girl, housekeeper and gardener jobs for all the rich Wall Street bankers with vacation estates in Aspen do add up.

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