Monday, October 26, 2009

Newspaper: We were wrong on concealed carry law

From the Show Me State (better known as Missouri), comes this admission:
... Sheriff Greg White is a proponent of the conceal and carry law, passed by lawmakers in 2003 after Missouri voters rejected a similar law in 1999.

The law requires people to attain a standard of proficiency with weapons before they are permitted to carry a concealed gun. Proponents of the law believe it offers a greater sense of security and decreases crime by prompting felons to consider the consequences of armed confrontation.

We confess to harboring some reservations about the concealed carry law. Our fear was an increase in guns in public would result in more guns being displayed prematurely and/or more accidents.

White said recently: “All the fears over conceal and carry have never manifested.”

We concede the point.
[emphasis added]

Anecdotal evidence does not suggest an increase in accidents or unprovoked gunplay.

The evidence, however, does show people defending themselves from harm. ...

Read the editorial here. This media outlet got it wrong, and is willing to admit it in light of actual experience. Good for them.

I won't hold my breath for the anti-gun bigots at the New York Times to similarly allow empirical evidence (or common sense, for that matter) to intrude on their ideological collectivist aversion to the fundamental, individual human right of self-defense.

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