Friday, October 9, 2009

SWAT raid on family's food storehouse heads to trial

From the Buckeye State:
A lawsuit brought by an Ohio family whose children were held at SWAT-team gunpoint while their food supplies were confiscated is scheduled to go to trial this week.

John and Jackie Stowers are suing the Ohio Department of Agriculture and the Lorain County General Health District over the raid on their "Manna Storehouse," an organic food co-op that operated in LaGrange.

The Stowers and their 10 children and grandchildren were detained in one room of their home for six hours while sheriff's officers confiscated 60 boxes of fresh farm food, computers, phones and records, including USDA-certified meat from the children's mini-farm, according to lawyers for the plaintiffs.

The state and county are accused of 119 counts, including unlawful search and seizure, illegal use of state police power, taking of private property without compensation, failure to provide due process and equal protection and a multitude of constitutional rights violations, including the right to grow and eat one's own food and offer it to others. ...

Article here. Apparently, the family's heinous crime, necessitating the employment of a SWAT team, was failing to get retail food license, even though the family reportedly didn't sell food to the general public. Remember, the bureaucrats don't like being disrespected. According to the article, no criminal or civil charges were filed against the family.

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