Friday, August 22, 2008

Wounded Warriors take part in Wyoming shootout

From Cody, Wyo.:
The Buffalo Bill Invitational Shootout routinely attracts a large field to the Cody Shooting Complex.
Part of the 92-shooter field included four men from Fort Bragg, N.C.

The men are part of the Army Special Operations command and belong to the Wounded Warriors.
The Buffalo Bill Historical Center waived the entry fee for the team to participate.
“I've never been to an organized shoot like this and it was a little different,” he added. “But we've had a great time here and Cody has been so warm and receptive.”

Stube said the local Special Ops community was a great help.

“Special Ops has a huge commitment from the retired soldiers in Cody,” he said. “Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker has been here and is part of the local chapter.”

Stube said the team was glad to be a part of the shoot and support the Second Amendment.

“Our duty now is to have greater community involvement,” he said. “We all support the Second Amendment.

“But it's also about preserving the culture and values that go along with gun ownership,” he added. “This is great, clean family fun.”

He said the Second Amendment is not just about owning a gun.

“They key is for everyone to become skillful at handling a weapon,” Stube said. “That way if the nation ever needs to be defended, people may be good at it.”

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