Tuesday, August 19, 2008

CCW in Schools

In light of a small Texas school district allowing teachers to be armed on campus, I'm sure the anti-gunners will begin their usual hysterical rants about how this will make students less safe.

The debate about allowing CCW holders students, teachers, school administrators) to carry in schools continues in fits and starts. This past year a number of state legislatures, including Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, and a few others have started to seriously consider amending their laws to remove schools from the silly "gun-free zones" that are magnets for those wishing to commit mass murder of unarmed victims. None of the bills passed this year, but the fact that legislators are beginning to seriously consider such changes is promising. This, my friends, is truly Change We Can Believe In.

The next big school massacre will undoubtedly re-ignite the debate, as the dead bodies of the victims prove once again the utter folly of "gun-free zone" laws that are only gun-free for the law-abiding victims. As the general public slowly realizes that these laws not only don't make us safer, but that they actually encourage mass murderers and increase the likelihood of a high body count, I think the tide will turn in the coming years.

Satire of the Gun Free Zones concept, from Fox News' Half-Hour News Hour:


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