Sunday, August 31, 2008

No "safe" places

Article discusses the need to carry wherever you go, where legal to do so:
Recently, there were two Christian musicians who were leaving a recording studio and were murdered for two dollars and their car. Initially, I paid little attention to the news reports nor did I listen to the names of the two victims. Three days later, I received an e-mail from a woman friend who had received her CHL by taking my course along with her son and daughter. The e-mail read, “Hi Don, my son, Steve, was murdered Thursday. His funeral is at….”

I sat there stunned. Steve had been licensed through my instruction. I had been to a couple of activities that he and his mother attended – in both cases they were armed. I knew Steve’s mother believed as I do that you never go anywhere unarmed if it is legal to carry in those places. I did not know Steve as well as I did his mother, but I found him to be very likable and smart. In fact, I later discovered that he was probably a genius. Of course after getting that terrible news, I couldn’t help wonder if he was armed that night.

Article here. Outside of law enforcement and the military, the decision whether to carry a firearm, is, in fact, a personal one. A firearm is only a tool, not a magic talisman that will ward off all evil. Having one doesn't make you immune to attack, serious injury or death, any more than wearing your seatbelt immunizes you from dying in a car crash. It only helps increase the statistical odds of survival.

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