Monday, August 11, 2008

Some more whining from Morton Grove

Another article on Morton Grove, IL's recently repealed gun ban, this one focusing on the lone person on the village board to vote against the ban.

As a pediatric nurse, Georgianne Brunner has seen firsthand what a gun fired even by accident can do to a child.

That's at least part what's behind her efforts as a Morton Grove trustee to come up with more stringent local handgun regulations after the village board last month voted to repeal Morton Grove's 27-year-old handgun ban.
Despite Brunner's plea to hold off on a decision, trustees voted 5-1 at the July 28 Village Board meeting to kill the handgun ban. Brunner was the only trustee to vote against the measure.
Brunner said she is looking at other ordinances and studying the issue. She hopes to bring an ordinance to the board by the end of the year, though she conceded there does not seem to be much support among other trustees.

"I'm not Pollyannish about it. There's not a lot of support on the board," she said. "I want to at least make a statement like they did in 1981."
Article here. As this article shows, the gun banners won't ever give up, and gun owners should never, ever, let their guard down.

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