Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boston's new anti-gun billboard ad

More anti-gun nonsense and hysteria from the People's Commonwealth of Ted Kennedy:
The gun-control activist whose provocative billboards have been turning heads along the Massachusetts Turnpike for 13 years today will unveil one of his most eye-popping messages yet - a fake neon advertisement for American gun shows where people can buy weapons, no questions asked.

"We Sell Guns! No ID required. No background checks. Criminals and terrorists welcome!" the billboard peals.

"Gun shows are the equivalent of Al Qaeda terrorists walking directly onto the airplane while you and I wait in the TSA line," John Rosenthal, founder and chairman of Stop Handgun Violence, said in a recent interview. "They don't want us to go on airplanes but they let Al Qaeda buy guns unprotected."
"Gun shows are not a problem in Massachusetts. But they're an enormous problem for Massachusetts," Rosenthal said. "Gun shows are a known source of crime guns for terrorists and criminals because they can buy guns in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and 32 states in total without an ID or a background check from private sellers."

The new ad is to be unveiled this morning with Mayor Thomas M. Menino, state Secretary of Public Safety and Security Kevin M. Burke, Massachusetts State Police Commander Colonel Mark F. Delaney, and Boston Police Superintendent Bruce Holloway.

Article here. If gun shows are the problem, how come the states mentioned -- Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont -- with all their gun shows, have a lower violent crime rate than Massachusetts?

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