Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain and Obama battle for Western states

Article discussing the fight between senators McCain and Obama for the battleground Western states, and the gun issue:
... The gun issue, he adds, will hurt Obama. Obama, who has been endorsed by the moderate American Hunters and Shooters Association, received an F rating from the National Rifle Association for supporting gun control measures. McCain has an NRA rating of C.

Here, the right to bear arms is sacrosanct; you don't run for office in Montana if you don't believe that, says [Montana governor, Democrat] Schweitzer, who has an A rating from the NRA. Marty Rau, 58, a lifelong Montanan and railroad worker who lives outside Missoula, agrees. "Any type of restriction on ownership just simply opens the door to more," Rau says. "A pickup truck with a gun rack—that's how it's always been."

Article here. I wouldn't classify the American Hunters and Shooters Association as "moderate", but then again, I don't write for the anti-gun mainstream media.

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