Monday, August 11, 2008

Shopper battles Batman; bandit beaten

A grocery store customer takes on an Batman mask-wearing armed robber after his gun malfunctions. World Net Daily has the story:
The robber, Tony Leroy Cleveland, waved a loaded gun at customers and store employees, herding them to the front of the store.

According to Tulsa police reports, when a customer ducked behind a counter, Cleveland fired the gun, missing the customer's head by mere inches.

The gun then jammed, and that's when Stutzman seized his opportunity.

"It took me a few seconds to register that we might have an opportunity here," Stutzman told Tulsa World. "From there, it just happened. It started in the store and ended outside. Everything else was a blur."

While other customers watched in fear, Stutzman endured pistol whips from the gunman, suffering a badly bruised jaw, scrapes and other injuries. As the battle moved through the entryway and into the parking lot, other customers eventually came to his aid, just seconds before squad cars arrived to apprehend the robber.

Store surveillance video of the event:

Notice how none of the other customers join in to assist until (luckily for Mr. Stutzman) the very end. If you decide to intervene in a situation like this, or are forced to do so because your life or the lives of your loved ones are in danger, you should plan on needing to resolve the situation alone, without assistance from bystanders. That way, you don't expect help, and any help you may receive from others is a bonus.

In addition, the video shows the struggle going on for almost a couple of minutes, which is a long time in a fight. The article notes that the customer, Mr. Stutzman, sustained a badly bruised jaw and other injuries. A reminder to us all that physical fitness is important, and the need to learn empty hand defensive skills. You may be fighting for your life in this sort of situation. You may not have a weapon on your person, or the weapon may be inaccessible, or you may be fighting to retain control of it in close quarters, or your weapon may malfunction (as the robber's did), etc., etc. Stay in shape, or get in shape, and train other skills besides guns and knives.

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