Thursday, August 28, 2008

Texas teachers armed for start of school year

New school year starts for small Texas school district that authorized armed teachers:
HARROLD, Texas -- Along with normal first-day jitters and excitement, students in this tiny district started school this week wondering which teachers might be toting firearms.

"It was kind of awkward knowing that some teachers were carrying guns," said Adam Lira, 17, a senior. "I don't feel like they should be, 'cause we already have locked doors and cameras. But I didn't feel threatened by it."

Article here. I hope the armed teachers know that they are pioneers in Texas, and that many, particularly the anti-gunners and those in the anti-gun media, are looking for them to fail. As such, I hope those armed teachers uphold the high standards of responsible behavior that law-abiding CCW permit holders have universally demonstrated in Texas and many other states. Success in Texas will bolster the argument for legalizing school and college carry in other states. Good luck!

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