Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New Georgia law increases CCW applications

Georgia's new law that expanded the areas where concealed carry permit holders could legally carry seems to have increased permit applications in some counties:
The new law lets licensed gun owners who pass background checks carry concealed weapons on public transportation, in some parks and recreation areas and in restaurants that serve alcohol -- all areas that were previously off-limits.

The number of people receiving gun concealment permits in Floyd County has nearly tripled since July 1, when the measure officially became law.

The numbers began rising in May and went to 134 last month from 46 in July 2007.

Those numbers show how many people have been granted and picked up their permits in Floyd County Probate Court, said Patricia Crumley, the marriage license and concealed weapons clerk.

"I have a drawer full, a file cabinet drawer, full of (permits) that haven't been picked up," she said.

From the same article, we learn of two different law enforcement takes on the permit increase:
Rome Police Chief Hubert Smith said his worry continues to be the level of training most gun owners have.

He said people sometimes need "time to cool off" if they've had a heated confrontation or recently had a bad day at work.

"There's a lot of ifs," he said.

While, Floyd PD has a different take:
Floyd police Capt. Mark Wallace said police are aware of the new law but not concerned. "We have absolutely zero problem with a concerned citizen carrying a firearm for their own protection. There are only minor changes to the (previous) law."

Article here.

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