Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Time for federal CCW reciprocity?

Here's an opinion piece arguing for a federal law to force states to recognize other states' carry permits.
The inherent weaknesses of concealed carry laws that aren’t uniform are the same weaknesses that are characteristic of every part of the liberal agenda. The promise made to us is “peace and safety,” yet liberals lack the power to bring about either while denying us the one thing that could do both: the freedom to exercise our natural rights.

As a conservative, I hold state’s rights in the highest regard and believe that federal intrusion on state issues has only diminished the level of real self-government in this country (we saw this clearly with abortion in Roe vs. Wade). In truth, I abhor federal intrusion. But in the case of concealed carry licenses, it is already a federal issue; for it is ultimately the federal government, not the states, that decides who will and who will not receive a permit through the work of the FBI.

Article here.

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Tom O said...

The FBI not only manages the NICS database, but the ATF controls most firearm purchases via the Commerce clause. Intrastate used firearm sales may escape that trap but one could argue it's all but impossible to purchase a firearm without being subject to Federal controls. If you can't purchase the firearm, you can't carry it.