Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aye, laddie, t'will make a mighty sharp uniform

Wear pants to work? Looking for another, uh, roomier option?
SEATTLE (AP) — A 6-foot-tall, 250-pound mail carrier wants the U.S. Postal Service to add kilts as a uniform option for men.

(Kilt supporters model prototype postal service kilts. Credit: USA Today / AP)

The idea was defeated in July at a convention of the 220,000-member National Letter Carriers' Association, but Dean Peterson says he is not giving up — and he has his supporters.

Peterson, a resident of Lacey, Washington, spent $1,800 to mail about 1,000 letters and photographs of him wearing a prototype Postal Service kilt — or what he refers to as an 'unbifurcated garment' — to union branches in every U.S. state, Guam and Puerto Rico.

"Unbifurcated Garments are far more comfortable and suitable to male anatomy than trousers or shorts because they don't confine the legs or cramp the male genitals the way that trousers or shorts do," he wrote. "Please open your hearts — and inseams — for an option in mail carrier comfort!"

Article here. Hey, who knows, it might redefine the term "going postal". :)

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