Thursday, September 24, 2009

Young speed-shooter

From California, on eleven year old Jenna Arellano shooting skills:
Since her family took her out shooting when she was five-years old, Jenna Arellano has shown a knack for the sport of speed shooting.

“She took a liking to it and has been shooting since,” her father, Monte Arellano said.

So much so that at only 11 years old this Crescent City girl has just competed in the World Speed Shooting Championships (Steel Challenge) last month in Piru, Calif., as well as receiving praise from one of the top female shooters in the world.

Jenna finished in 4th place in the pre-teen open class division as the youngest participant.

“I practice a lot,” she said, saying her goal is to keep improving and mastering the sport.

Monte Arellano is also a speed shooter and said it has been a wonderful way for his family, including his son, 8, and his wife to spend time together.
He said he is proud of his daughter’s abilities and the way she has learned the importance of gun safety. She learned from an early age to respect her weapon and has learned first-hand about her Second Amendment rights, her father said. ...

Article here. Good to see kids learning safe shooting skills at an early age. We need more parents to get their kids involved in the shooting sports. Not necessarily competitive shooting, but whatever the kid has an affinity for -- hunting, trap/skeet, or just plain old plinking.

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