Thursday, September 3, 2009


From George Marlin, writing in The Catholic Thing, on Barry the Prophet's death-lovin' (but only for unborn children and "inferior" citizens) advisors:
First President Obama appointed Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, who supports limitations on end-of-life care, as his top medical advisor. Now he has named John Holdren, another culture-of-death stalwart, as his top science advisor.

This newest Obama czar openly stated his support for mandatory abortions in Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment, a book Holdren co-authored with Paul and Anne Ehrlich some years ago:
There exists ample authority under which population growth could be regulated. It has been concluded that compulsory population-control laws, even including laws requiring compulsory abortion, could be sustained under the existing Constitution if the population crisis became sufficiently severe ...

Ecoscience also casually mentions sterilants in drinking water or staple foods of those who “contribute to social deterioration,” the implantation of long-term birth control devices in women who have already given birth to two or three children, and an international monitor empowered to enforce population limits on any nation under scrutiny. (The Ehrlichs and Holdren have claimed, quite implausibly, that they were just listing possibilities then under discussion.)

Grilled by Senator David Vitter about these and other disturbing views last month, Holdren stated that it was “no longer productive” to think about optimal population size – but conceded little else. The media, as has become their custom when some Obama appointee is revealed to have an outrageously radical past, merely noted the hysteria of Holdren’s opponents but did not explore his positions.

The Obama Administration’s social planners stand in a long tradition of progressives who reject the Judeo-Christian belief in the sanctity of human life. Many people still doubt that liberal-minded people actually hold such beliefs, but, as history shows, American progressives have often endorsed eugenics and other morally repugnant practices. Eliminating inferiors, they argued, is permissible in the name of preserving society as a whole. Holdren and his allies wouldn’t put it that way, because it plays badly – even to an adoring media. But they don’t hesitate to talk about restraining population in the name of preventing climate change – one of Dr. Holdren’s recent preoccupations. ...

Read the rest here. These are the types of people our dear President Joker has chosen to advise him on matters of national importance.

I expect, however, that should these collectivists try to implement their plan for the new master race (a "better, more sustainable eco-friendly world"), as it were, they won't get as far as they think they will if they try to eliminate us "inferiors" (and you better believe that's how the Obamessiah and his henchmen view us clingy guns-and-bibles types). They may find out the hard way that they aren't as smart and "superior" as they think they are.

It's easy to dismiss talk of the government eliminating (read: murdering) people and implementing ideas like those the article attributes to Obama's advisors ("population control", mandatory abortions) by saying such a thing could never happen here. Not today. Not in our modern, enlightened society, and you're a paranoid, scare-mongering nut job for even contemplating it.

But consider that such willful blindness and indulgent thinking has probably preceded many of the worst genocidal and democidal (mass murder of a country's own citizens by its government) atrocities of the past hundred years.

I imagine if you told a German Jew in 1939 that within six years his nation's leaders would have slaughtered six million of his fellow Jews (not to mention fourteen million other non-master-race "undesirables"), he flat-out wouldn't believe it and would think you delirious. Yet that's what happened.

The devil probably won't come knocking on our doors dressed in horns, holding a pitchfork and carrying a sign that says "Hi. I'm the Devil. I'm here to murder you and your family". We should be so lucky. Unfortunately, tyrants are rarely that obvious.

As Rachel Lucas noted in her post about her recent visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camps, commenting on the pastoral beauty of the area,
... And here is something else I observed on the coach back to Krakow; another thing that was so incongruous that it took my breath away.

Just, my God, the genuine prettiness of the surrounding area. You think of Auschwitz, or Poland in general after the Nazis invaded, and you think of bleakness and dreariness. Dark dank sickly winter and snow and death. I took that picture five minutes away from the camp, and there is little doubt in my mind that it looked generally the same way 65 or 70 years ago. The same green grass and the same bright sunshine. Those things didn’t disappear in 1939 and magically regenerate in 1945.

It cracks the heart open to fully comprehend that things like the large-scale industrial genocide that happened at Auschwitz-Birkenau took place in the middle of a perfectly normal world like we saw on that bus ride. It didn’t happen in hell, or in some bleak desert, or any permanently winter-bound nightmare landscape where you can explain away these things more easily. It was just in the middle of this gorgeous countryside. ...

We ignore the warnings and the warning signs at our peril, particularly when they relate to statements and writings made by those who espouse such evil and who are in positions of influence and authority.

Caveat civis.

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