Friday, September 25, 2009

Get a haircut, win a gun

From the Bluegrass State, comes this story:
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Get a haircut, get a chance on an AK-47 rifle; that's the offer from a Louisville barbershop.

The shop owner said he's just trying to raise awareness to the right to bear arms, but the gun promotion is drawing fire.

A customer at the Okolona barbershop will win a Romanian made AK-47.

Everywhere you look around the shop, you can tell it is a pro-gun atmosphere, from the hats to the mounted heads.

Bruce Gooden teaches gun safety. He's a certified concealed carry instructor, a lifetime member of the NRA and he cuts hair.

The more involved someone is with guns and gun rights, the more chances they have to win the $750 semi-automatic weapon.

“You get one ticket per customer. If you are an NRA member you get two. If you join the NRA you get six,” said Gooden. ...

Article here. Looks like a hair-raising kinda story, but only to the anti-gun crowd. :)

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