Monday, September 7, 2009

Nebraska AG announces recognized permit list

From the Cornhusker State:
LINCOLN — Folks from Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and at least 31 other states are welcome to bring their concealed handguns into the Cornhusker State. But those from South Dakota and 11 other states are not.

That's the word from the Nebraska Attorney General's Office, which was required by a new state law to determine which states have comparable concealed handgun permit laws to Nebraska's. That determines which states' residents could legally carry concealed handguns in Nebraska, as well as their home state.

The review found that 34 states have standards equal to or greater than Nebraska's.

People who have obtained concealed weapons permits in those states have reciprocal rights here and can legally carry concealed weapons in Nebraska, said Leah Bucco-White of the Nebraska Attorney General's Office. ...

Article here, with map showing states whose permits Nebraska recognizes.

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