Monday, September 28, 2009

Ninth Circuit rehears Nordyke case

Last Thursday, the federal Ninth Circuit, sitting en banc, heard oral arguments in the rehearing of the Nordyke v. King Second Amendment case. See here for my post on the original panel's ruling from this past April, along with a link to the ruling.

Here's some coverage of last week's hearing:

San Francisco Chronicle: Court considers county's right to regulate guns 9th Circuit Reconsiders Controversial Gun Rights Case

CBS News: Appeals Court Weighs Gun Rights Lawsuit. An excerpt:
Update 9/24 9:31 p.m.: The Ninth Circuit has just handed down a one-page order delaying consideration of this case until the U.S. Supreme Court decides whether or not to hear the lawsuits arising out of Chicago and New York state. The justices are scheduled to discuss those cases on September 29, and are likely to announce their decision soon after.

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