Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More insanity, FDIC edition

From The Market Ticker's Karl Denninger, on the latest iteration of financial legerdemain, whereby "healthy" banks will lend money to the FDIC to provide money so the (almost broke) FDIC can insure ... wait for it ... bank deposits:
Who would have thought that a government agency would actually contemplate paying the insured party for the coverage on their own risk?

In a world where we had a rule of law this would be identified instantly as what it is: rank, outrageous fraud.

But we don't live in such a world.

In the world we live so-called "government officials" of the FDIC feel free to engage in such sham transactions, smug in the knowledge that The American Sheeple, along with their handmaidens in Congress, can be counted on to allow a blatantly-fraudulent exercise such as this to be consummated - where the banks that are beneficiaries of FDIC insurance (and whom have also issued literally billions of dollars in covered bonds on an issuance-insurance program that has no legal basis in the foundational principle of the FDIC in the first place) not only do not have to pay for the insurance coverage they enjoy, but actually get paid to have it instead. [emphasis in original] ...

Read about it here. The government is no longer even pretending to hide their financial insanity. The whole system is like a house of cards at this point. A single failed wall will bring the whole thing crumbling down, dramatically.

The FDIC asking banks for a loan to insure the banks' deposits is like your insurance company asking you for a loan so that it can afford to issue you a homeowners policy. Even if you're getting more in loan interest from the insurance company than the cost of the insurance premiums, that's probably not an insurance company that you want to insure your home, because when you have a claim you'll likely discover that the insurance company can't pay. Because it's broke. Duh.

Will the madness never end? Let me rephrase that: When the madness inevitably ends, it will end horrifically, and badly. Prepare accordingly.

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