Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More gun control, more crime

From Howard Nemerov, on the relationship between the anti-gun Brady Campaign's scores and higher crime rates:
... Further evidence of bias appears when correlating Brady scores with FBI violent crime rates. Only six states, plus D.C., scored over 50 (on a scale of 100). All but one of Brady’s “top 7” restrict law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed handguns. Brady’s “best” averaged a violent crime rate of 577.3 and a Brady score of 64.1. Brady’s nine “worst” all received a score under 6, and all have liberal concealed carry laws (also called “right-to-carry”). They averaged a violent crime rate of 398.1––45.0% lower than Brady’s “best” states––and a Brady score of 3.4.

Brady’s “best” had an average murder rate of 8.7, while their “worst” averaged 5.3, 64.5% lower. Also, Brady’s “worst” average robbery rate was 85.0 and the aggravated assault rate was 273.2, while their “best” average robbery rate was 243.1 (186.1% higher) and the aggravated assault rate was 304.3 (11.4% higher). ...

Read it here. Brady's anti-gun ideal states have higher crime rates than those states where peaceful citizens can own and carry guns for self-protection. Not exactly a revelation, but empirical evidence is worth stating for the fence-sitters on the gun control debate, those with an open mind who may not have considered the issue in depth. For those with common sense, such a result is likely self-evident.

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