Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Venezuela tries bullet control

From the land of Dictator-for-Life Hugo Chavez, comes this news [hat tip: Jim P.]:
CARACAS – Legislators at the National Assembly are set to take what appears to be a rather unorthodox approach to law and order in a society notoriously renowned for gunslinging and one of the highest per capita murder rates on the planet.

The defense committee at the legislature has been looking at a proposed reform of the 70-year-old Arms and Explosive Law, which apparently has yet to be brought into line with the Bolivarian Constitution adopted by referendum at President Hugo Chávez’s behest in late 1999.

The head of the committee, Deputy Juan Mendoza, said work was “90 percent” complete. Among the proposals is one particularly eye-catching item.

This envisages what Mendoza called a “specific prohibition under which any person cannot buy more than 50 bullets a year.” Mendoza, a middle-ranking member of Chávez’s governing United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), said the proposal represented “a form of reducing the parameters when it comes to the use of firearms and ammunition.” [emphasis added] ...

Article here. I imagine our own anti-gunners would wet themselves with glee if they could get something like that passed here.

I suspect, however, that the unintended consequences of such a ban passing and becoming law would likely cause the anti-gunners to wet their pants again ... only this time perhaps not so gleefully.

As the old adage goes: Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. A lesson the anti-gun statist bigots and their power-hungry political and media allies ought to take to heart.

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