Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Group hopes to change open-carry bans in six states

From Oklahoma:
Donald Ohse is part of a movement to change laws in several states, including Oklahoma, so people can openly carry their weapons.

This movement is an online drive to get enough signatures of like-minded people to influence legislators to pass open carry laws. He said he’s gotten 1,300 signatures.

Ohse already is licensed under Oklahoma law to carry a concealed weapon.
Stollenwerk said he thinks that letting people carry guns openly will let someone with bad intentions know that you are armed.

"While I understand that sometimes it is a tactical advantage to be concealed, sometimes it might be the other way,” he said. "Everybody should have the right to choose.”

Article here. Regardless of the pros and cons of concealed versus open carry, citizens ought to have the right to choose which mode to carry.

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