Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Obama and guns

From Buckeye Firearms Association:
So, as believers in the civil right to bear arms, where do we go now that the most anti-gun president in history takes office in January?

To be fair, for us, nothing changes. We simply attack this problem as aggressively as we attacked the Clinton administration and the Republicans who turned their back on us and voted for the Joe Biden-authored 1994 Assault Weapons Ban. We stand up and force the elected officials to consider the danger to their future electoral viability if they try to take our guns.

Our job is to remind them of the Democrats bounced out of office after the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban passed. We need to remind them of Al Gore losing his home state of Tennessee in 2000 due to his willingness to take our guns, and we need to remind them that John Kerry lost in 2004 largely because of his stance on gun rights.

President Elect Barack Obama did a great job of convincing people who haven’t been paying attention that he isn’t anti-gun. Well, those of us in the movement know better. But, his duplicitous campaign does us a lot of good going forward. If Obama comes for our guns, all the pro-gun voters who were tricked and voted for him will help our cause. They are likely to feel burned by his glad-handing ways.

Our biggest cause for optimism is Obama’s election year lie about his support for gun rights. The backlash he will likely experience if he tries to change that tune is likely to get him, and all the pro-gun politicians who told us he wouldn’t come for our guns, booted from office.

Each day, we need to make sure all the people who promised us we have nothing to fear from an Obama presidency know we will hold their feet to the fire, just like his.

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