Saturday, November 22, 2008

Those evil guns

From formerly-Great Britain:
A memorabilia collector has been jailed for five years for possessing a Second World War rifle listed as a prohibited firearm. The rifle was not in a condition to fire live ammunition.

But Stafford Crown Court heard replacing the deteriorated pin would have made that possible. Phillip Peter Kent, aged 29, of Owen Walk, Highfields, Stafford, was arrested in the street by police acting on information at 7.30am on June 20 this year.
“He was told by the person who sold it to him it was de-commissioned. He was a bona fide, not secretive, collector and was immediately and absolutely co-operative.

“The gun was in the state in which he received it and, although that does not make it a non-prohibited weapon, there was no ammunition, no evidence of his seeking any or of intentional or actual use.”

Article here. Thank goodness the British government got that non-functioning World War II evil deadly assault weapon-of-mass-destruction rifle "off the streets"! Although I'm a bit surprised that the rifle wasn't sentenced to the mandatory minimum five years in prison.

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