Saturday, November 8, 2008

UK gun crime higher than official figures

From formerly Great Britain:
The true level of gun crime is far higher than the Government admits in official statistics, it can be revealed.

Figures to be published by the Home Office this week will massively understate the scale of the problem.

Data provided to The Sunday Telegraph by nearly every police force in England and Wales, under freedom of information laws, show that the number of firearms incidents dealt with by officers annually is 60 per cent higher than figures stated by the Home Office.

Last year 5,600 firearms offences were excluded from the official figures. It means that, whereas the Home Office said there were only 9,800 offences in 2007/8, the real total was around 15,400. The latest quarterly figures, due to be released on Thursday, will again exclude a significant number of incidents.

Article here. It's a good thing they banned guns, right? One more reminder to never trust government stats where the government has an incentive to lie, uh, "massage" the data.

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