Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Another lead bullets study

From Wyoming:
JACKSON - Preliminary results of a study by a University of Montana graduate student suggest that lead bullets may be poisoning grizzly bears in the Yellowstone ecosystem.

Tom Rogers sampled blood from 13 grizzlies during hunting season and found nearly half had elevated levels of lead, possibly because the bears had eaten lead bullet fragments in big-game carcasses left behind by hunters.

Lead typically stays in an animal's blood stream for about two weeks before it is deposited in organs and other tissues. Lead poisoning in human children can cause serious health problems including stomach pain, anemia, lower intelligence and poor school performance.

In all, Rogers checked blood samples of 24 grizzly bears for lead contamination. The 11 bears sampled outside of hunting season did not have elevated lead levels.

Article here. The drumbeat by the anti-gun, anti-hunting folks will continue. Hunters better wise up and be prepared for this latest line of attack.

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