Saturday, November 29, 2008


From the Realm of King Daley and Prince Barack (Chicago to us mere mortals):
Nearly 100 teens marched outside Chicago police headquarters Thursday night to protest the department's plans to equip officers with semi-automatic rifles, saying the weapons could make the streets more dangerous.

Carrying signs like "Stop the War on Youth," teens said they didn't trust police with the high-powered weapons and worried gangs would be encouraged to bolster their own arsenals.

"The only people who need these guns are in Iraq," said Arthur McGraw, 19, an organizer with the nonprofit Southwest Youth Collaborative, which organized the rally. "It'll shoot through brick, car doors. Say your family is in the house eating and there's some gang violence. When they shoot these [the bullets] can come into your house and shoot your kids." [emphasis added]

Article here. Hey, who says kids don't listen anymore? These kids have obviously heard Barack Obama say that "such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on the street." So does that mean Chicago isn't part of America anymore? :)

Also, notice how the Chicago Tribune calls them "semi-automatic rifles" when the police have them, but the same firearms are often get called "assault weapons" in the hands of non-government employees.

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