Friday, November 14, 2008

Seattle mayor plans gun ban, despite Attorney General's legal opinion

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:
An unequivocal "no" from the state Attorney General's Office is often enough to shoot down a city proposal.

Not so with a move by Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels to ban legally permitted handguns from city-owned parks and buildings, an effort that, if successful, could shatter a 47-year-old state prohibition against cities' regulation of firearms.

The Mayor's Office continues to build a case for the ban despite an Oct. 14 opinion issued by Attorney General Rob McKenna's office arguing that the city cannot pre-empt state gun law. The mayor hopes to introduce an administrative order next month.

Article here. When government officials sworn to uphold the laws and constitution don't obey the law, at some point ordinary citizens may decide that they don't need to obey those laws either.

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