Friday, November 7, 2008

Election triggers surge in gun sales

As noted previously, gun sales across the nation have spiked. Here's yet another article from Utah, post-election:
As polls and pundits in recent weeks increasingly pointed to the election of Barack Obama as the next president, scores of Utahns flocked to gun stores.

Obama has supported renewing the expired federal Assault Weapons Ban, which stops the manufacture of several semiautomatic guns with large magazines.

"Such weapons belong on foreign battlefields and not on our streets," Obama's Web site states.

Local gun dealers quickly are running out of stock of magazines for Colt AR-15s and AK models and many have seen a sharp increase in the sales of those guns. [emphasis added]

"Pretty much anything with more than 10 rounds is in high demand right now," said Michael Martin, a sales representative at Impact Guns in Salt Lake City. "We had one supplier go from 92 assault rifles to 12 in one day. Our suppliers are just frantically scrambling."
"For customers out there thinking about getting one of these guns, don't think," said James Bunten, president of FBMG, who has had to order stock much further in advance to guarantee his store's stock. "At least put money down on it now to get a place in very long line."
"I've seen a wider demographic of customers. There are more and more professionals. I see doctors getting assault weapons instead of just their hunting rifles," Bunten said.

Article here. If you don't have the proper defensive tools already, now might be a good time to seek them out. Normal capacity magazines for those tools, along with a supply of spare parts and a healthy supply of ammo may be good investments as well.

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