Saturday, November 29, 2008

Frozen turkey to the rescue

From the unusual-improvised-weapons files:
FUQUAY-VARINA - Fred L. Ervin got his Thanksgiving turkey early this year.

A passer-by armed with a frozen turkey used the bird as a cudgel upside Ervin's head Sunday while coming to the rescue of a woman outside a grocery store on Sunday, Fuquay-Varina police say.

Police Chief Larry Smith said police think Fred L. Ervin, 30, of 9221 Ten-Ten Road, Raleigh, had gone to the parking lot to find a getaway vehicle after stealing cash from the cash register of the BP gas station, across the road from the grocery store. Ervin spotted a 53-year-old woman who was walking toward her car with groceries. He tried to wrest away her car keys, Smith said.

"The suspect attacked her and began beating her," Smith said. "Her injuries are fairly serious."

Some other shoppers witnessed the attack and called 911. Several ran to the woman's aid, including a man with a frozen turkey, Smith said.

Smith did not know how many times Ervin was struck with the turkey. He declined to release the name of the turkey-wielding hero.

Article here.

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