Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A woman's journey into guns

From, on one Michigan woman's embrace of gun rights:
... By now I was almost 50 years old. One day my husband was sighting in his new 17 caliber rifle when I walked outside and said I wanted to start shooting. I had only one condition: no guns with a loud bang or kick. He smiled a smile that made my heart skip a beat. Then he said, have a seat. He showed me how to hold the gun tight to my shoulder, how to look down the scope, take the safety off, and just squeeze the trigger. Hey, no loud bang or kick! I actually enjoyed it. I’ve been practicing for two years now.

Recently, I had a van load of suspicious-looking men come to my house which sits in the country way back off the road. I felt threatened and asked them to leave. One man grew angry and they wouldn’t leave my door step. I picked up my shotgun and stood in front of the doorway. They got the picture and quickly left. I realized then, I didn’t want to walk up on a situation where I am unarmed. So, I attended my first concealed carry class. ...

Story here.

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