Friday, August 21, 2009

Media bias, exposed

Newsbusters exposes more media bias: Media Barely Noticed Legal Gun-brandishing By Leftist Black Panthers in 2000 Protest

You've heard about the current liberal media frenzy about the peaceable open carriers protesting King Obama's visits to New Hampshire and Arizona? The one with calls from the anti-gun forces and their political allies to ban such carry further violate the civil rights of Americans?

Turns out back in 2000 the hand-wringing media flunkies over at places like MSNBC and shows like Nightline hardly noticed when the Blank Panthers protested then-governor George W. Bush (who was under Secret Service protection at the time, due to his being the presumptive Republican presidential nominee) over his refusal to intervene in the pending execution of a convicted murderer.

So, according to the mainstream media this is ok:

(Protester holding long gun outside Texas Republican Party's state convention, ca. June 2000. Photo via Newsbusters.)

Because, after all, those black men brandishing what are reportedly AK-47s (though the man in the photo looks like he's holding a shotgun) were merely exercising their rights to protest evil conservatives.

But the media says this is not:

(A law abiding citizen exercises his constitutional rights by openly carrying a firearm to speech by President Obama on August 17 in Phoenix, Arizona. Photo: Ernest Hancock. Photo via

Because this black man, well dressed and with a slung AR-15 and holstered pistol, is a "disaster waiting to happen", and is a potential threat to the King. Got that?

More news, more media bias.

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